Amongst the many dynamic ventures undertaken by Biotrik Pvt Ltd in the field of academics, research assistance, technology and rural empowerment, their immense contribution in the field of language and translation is noteworthy.

 Have you ever wondered, when you ask Google for some information in any language, you get your answer and that too accurately translated in the language of your choice.  Or the instruction you shout out to Alexa and you get an instant response in your preferred language. How has this been made possible?

Welcome NIRBHUL, the ISO certified department of Biotrik Pvt Ltd. which plays a key role in providing language and translation solutions to customers and artificial intelligence companies. Here the role of language service provider companies comes into play. They collect data in regional and foreign languages and take the help of recording projects.

This platform helps in the translation of a wide range of contents which includes academic content , legal content, medical translation, consent forms to name a few. In short this is a one stop shop for globalization of content and providing professional translation services.

NIRBHUL is a market leader in its own right and caters to a huge client base. For this voice data is recorded in over 20 different languages. A repository of extensive voice data is collected and stored to be used upon requirement. This pre recorded data is transcribed accordingly, either following the online or offline mode of work. Online transcription is a unique feature of NIRBHUL .This gives the much needed flexibility to either transcribe the data on the spot or offline at their own convenience. Not only this, translation is also served in a wide range of languages depending upon requirement. Translation is done for a variety of domain of contents like academic, legal, medical, gaming content, hoardings, advertisements to name a few.

In a nutshell the services offered by NIRBHUL apart from the core transcription and translation includes:

Artifical Intelligence based language projects, Subtitling, Voiceover, Transcreation, Image annotation, Video to text translation, Data annotation and to counter plagiarism. .

All these activities are interconnected with each other and offer clients a numerous platforms and language options to choose from. The above mentioned scope of work is just the tip of the iceberg. NIRBHUL , as the name suggests has complete precision with no room for errors providing accurate translation services to tech giants, educational institutions and many more. It has a huge client base. Not only does it cater to Artificial Intelligence companies but is also collaborating with Govt. bodies, IIT Chennai and even govt  intelligence agencies like NIA

 So these are the diverse aspects which are being covered under NIRBHUL. Within 1 year of set-up NIRBHUL has risen to be the no.1 in the whole of Bengal through their sustained efforts in providing accurate language solutions for all their clients with their precision, timely delivery and wide range of applications.

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